PARITY is a 1-dimensional 3-dimensional love letter to 868-HACK. Made for #7DBL.

Monsters that are RED are next to you and will attack you. Monsters that are not red are not next to you and will not attack you. At any point you can use flip to swap all the monsters that are attacking to non-attacking monsters.

When you attack, you deal damage and stun the nearest red monster. Then all the other red monsters deal one damage to you.

There are 3 dimensions. Each dimension drops different items and has a different layout of monsters. To swap between dimensions, use warp.

To use items, use the 1-5 keys or tap the box. 

To win a round, defeat all the monsters in all three dimensions without dying.

Tags1d, 3D, 7dbl


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*found a major bug*

After the game is over, i can still press Q W E and increase the score.

I havent played 868-hack. but the game would be good with sound effects.

Also i didnt really understand the game. :(

Oh wow, I never thought depth (game mechanic-wise, if that makes sense) could be achieved with just 1-dimension! Very creative game~ c:

Cool game!